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A physical therapist standing next to a patient who is strapped into a harness and stepping device.

Jefferson Moss-Magee Rehabilitation is home to two THERA-Trainer robotic technologies designed to assist patients during gait rehabilitation at various stages of recovery. Combining robotics and computer software, these next-generation technologies support different stages of gait rehabilitation for individuals relearning to stand and walk. Therapists can use one or all of the THERA-Trainer equipment as part of a treatment plan, depending upon patient impairments and limitations, to address specific patient challenges for a faster recovery.

This clinically-tested treatment concept for lower limbs maximizes the chance of success for patients who suffered from neurological deficits such as stroke and brain injury to improve or restore their ability to walk.

The equipment includes the:

THERA-Trainer balo

This standing and dynamic balancing device supports patients with fall risks or who are wheelchair users during therapies for balance and postural control. Used at our Elkins Park location, the Balo helps patients with little or no core stability to maintain or improve balance and mobility while exercising.

A patient strapped to device which helps her stand and balance.

THERA-Trainer lyra

This end-effector gait trainer that enables an intensive and repetitive therapy needed to regain walking ability, improves gait pattern and increases gait speed. A software component of the Lyra enables therapists to track treatment duration and stepping information as well as receive biofeedback on patient participation in a session to track progress and adjust activity during subsequent sessions.

A physical therapist standing next to a patient who is strapped into a harness and stepping device.

Watch this video to see the lyra in action:​​

Learn more about our collection of rehabilitation robotics.

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