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A patient wearing a lower extremity exoskeleton, arm sling, and crutch.

EksoNR by EksoBionics is a robotic exoskeleton that helps patients with severe weakness in their lower extremities relearn to stand and walk in a rehabilitation setting. The non-tethered exoskeleton augments strength for those who cannot complete conventional movement therapy without assistance. It is the first robotic exoskeleton cleared by the FDA for gait training during neurorehabilitation with patients who experienced a stroke, an acquired brain or a spinal cord injury.

By including EksoNR gait training for stroke patients during the early stages of inhouse rehabilitation, MossRehab aspires to get patients back on their feet sooner to re-learn and/or correct step patterns, weight shifting, and posture. Most patients take an average of 400 steps during initial training with the device.

Physical therapists at MossRehab use the EksoNR to supplement existing neurorehabilitation programs. Offering a customizable fit for patients 5' to 6'4", the wearable robotic exoskeleton offers a wide application range to treat a board spectrum of patients. A rigid back postural stabilizes patients with high injury level who are just beginning to walk.

SmartAssist software, programmed specifically for use with the gait training device, helps therapists better engage with patients throughout their continuum of care. By monitoring gait symmetry and posture feedback, clinicians can regulate leg movements to minimize compensatory gait patterns. The software also supports motor function in accordance with patient performance from 0 to 100% per bodyside. In addition to gait training, therapists can use the software to help patients practice balance and sit to stand functionalities.

Watch this webinar by Alberto Esquenzai, MD, The John Otto Haas Chair of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at MossRehab to learn how MossRehab uses the EksoNR in neurorehabilitation:

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