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C-Mill VR+

The C-Mill VR+ by Motek is an advanced training and evaluation treadmill for gait and balance rehabilitation that simulates everyday life challenges through augmented and virtual reality in a safe and comfortable environment.

Assisting patients through early to late rehabilitation stages, the C-Mill serves as a motivational therapy tool that offers stimulating and interactive exercises proven to improve patient engagement and endurance. Research cites that repetitive intensive therapy helps neurologic and orthopedic patients gain mobility faster.

Combining a treadmill with therapy gaming, the C-Mill features an oversized walking pad and LCD screen that displays virtual reality applications focused on balance, walking, and dual tasking. Patients walk on the extended treadmill and interact with different augmented experiences in front of them. 

Adding a second dimension in therapy, the C-Mill can project visual obstacles and targets on the floor that replicate scenarios such as walking in a crowd or avoiding obstacles. An overhead body support system (harness) can bear a patient's body weight, helping individuals to start therapy earlier in rehab.

Offering an assortment of prepacked applications that address different motor learning skills, the C-Mill enables physical therapists to change exercise variables to match a task and training intensity appropriate to a patient. Exercise games feature fun, interactive visual and audio stimuli in a range of scenarios. Patients score points for accomplishments (or lose them for doing something wrong such as stepping on a target) that pushes them to meet goals or achieve better results from previous sessions. 

The C-Mill treadmill automatically records data during and after assessment training sessions to monitor performance. Extensive data collection supports valid, objective and highly reliable assessment of balance, gait and gait adaptability. Patients performance is monitored over time to show short- and long-term results and insights so therapists can determine patient status and change parameters for future training sessions.

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