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Parkinson’s Disease Therapies

Parkinson's patient participating in an exercize program.

Jefferson Moss-Magee Rehabilitation has a team of dedicated physical, occupational, and speech therapists that can provide specialized, patient specific, and evidence-based treatments for individuals with Parkinson's Disease (PD). Therapies are generally recommended immediately after initial diagnosis, when stabilized on PD medications. If an individual has a Deep Brain Stimulator (DBS), therapy should be started after reprogramming rather than reprogramming during a therapy course of care. 

Our team of physical therapists can restore or prevent further functional decline by improving walking, getting out of a chair, moving in bed, reducing falls and reducing freezing episodes. Occupational therapists at Jefferson can help individuals with PD by improving activities of daily living such as dressing, bathing, cooking or work activities. Our speech therapists can help with improving communication such as increasing voice volume as well as swallowing, memory, and cognition.

We are proud to announce the creation of The Klein Family Parkinson's Rehabilitation Center at Jefferson, a new program which combines the efforts taking place at Jefferson and the Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute to integrate research with innovative rehabilitative therapies that support patients’ quality of life and keep people with Parkinson’s active in their daily lives. Learn more.


We also have therapists throughout the network trained and certified in LSVT-BIG (physical/occupational therapy) and LSVT-LOUD (speech therapy). Additionally, there are physical therapists and occupational therapists trained in PWR! (Parkinson's Wellness Recovery). These treatment approaches are designed specifically for individuals with PD and target the primary mobility and speech symptoms seen in those with PD.

LSVT-BIG is an evidence-based, intensive, large amplitude, high effort, whole body exercise program designed to improve the quality of movement. LSVT-Loud is an evidence-based, intensive, high effort program to improve voice loudness and quality. Both programs are four times per week for four weeks and require mandatory daily home exercises that can be done with the assistance of family members/caretakers. Sessions are one hour with one-to-one treatment. An ears, nose and throat (ENT) evaluation is required prior to initiating LSVT-LOUD to ensure that there are no other causes of the changes in voice quality. Individuals with PD can undergo LSVT BIG or LOUD at any point during the disease process, but best results are usually found during stages 1-3.

PWR! (Parkinson's Wellness Recovery) is PD-specific amplitude-focused functional training. This is not a standardized protocol, but a patient-specific program with frequency and duration determined by the therapist. The exercises learned during PWR! treatment can be integrated into daily life, work, recreation and community exercise.

Jefferson currently has LSVT and PWR! certified therapists at the following outpatient sites.

Jefferson Moss-Magee Rehabilitation - Norristown  Speech only (LSVT-Loud) 
Jefferson Moss-Magee Rehabilitation - Collegeville Physical Therapy/Speech Therapy (LSVT-Big/Loud)
Jefferson Moss-Magee Rehabilitation - Tabor Road Physical Therapy and Speech (LSVT-BIG/LOUD/PWR!)
Jefferson Moss-Magee Rehabilitation - Elkins Park Physical Therapy/Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy (LSVT-BIG/LOUD/PWR!)
Jefferson Moss-Magee Rehabilitation - Center City Physical Therapy (LSVT-Big)
Jefferson Moss-Magee Rehabilitation - Center One Physical Therapy (LSVT-Big/PWR!)
Jefferson Moss-Magee Rehabilitation - Plymouth Meeting Occupational Therapy (LSVT-BIG)
Jefferson Moss-Magee Rehabilitation - Castor Avenue PT (LSVT-BIG/PWR!)
Jefferson Moss-Magee Rehabilitation - King of Prussia  Speech (Speak Out)

To set up an appointment with a LSVT or PWR! certified therapist, call the appropriate Jefferson outpatient site.

Beyond Therapy: Exercise Maintenance Programs

Therapists at Jefferson recognize the importance of regular and lifelong exercise for individuals with PD to slow disease progression, improve quality of life and reduce disability. People with PD often present with unique fitness needs, which may not be addressed by traditional, unsupervised community exercise programs.  To help support the need for consistent exercise and to provide a safe place to exercise, Jefferson is proud to offer community maintenance programs designed specifically for individuals with PD. These programs are run on a weekly basis throughout the year by a physical therapist and appropriate support staff, accommodating up to 10 individuals per class. Features of the maintenance programs include:

  • Targeted fitness: Intensive exercises focus on balance, coordination, strength, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, posture, and mobility while promoting bigger movements.
  • Multimodal approach: Classes may incorporate yoga, tai chi, cycling, dance, and PWR! moves to keep the exercises diverse and fun.
  • Supervision: Classes are led by a physical therapist with LSVT-Big and PWR! certifications
  • Socialization: Classes are conducted in a small group format and often include interactive games
  • Education: Participants and caregivers learn more about PD and the benefits of various forms of exercise for PD

Maintenance programs at Tabor Road are: Mondays and Wednesdays from 4-5 pm. Maintenance programs at Elkins Park are Mondays and Tuesdays from 5-6 pm, and Wednesdays 12-1:00 pm. Parking is free of charge at both locations for group participants. Please contact programs with transportation concerns.

To learn more about MossRehab’s resources for PD, including our maintenance programs and outpatient therapies, please email ParkinsonsPrograms@jefferson.edu or call 215-456-9800 for Tabor Road location, 215-663-6354 for the Elkins Park location.

These maintenance programs are made possible by the support of The Parkinson Council.


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