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The Klein Family Parkinson’s Rehabilitation Center at MossRehab

About the Center

Founded in 2019, the Klein Family Parkinson’s Rehabilitation Center at MossRehab combines the efforts taking place at MossRehab and the Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute to integrate research with innovative rehabilitative therapies that support patients’ quality of life and keep people with Parkinson’s active in their daily lives.

The Center’s goals include:

  • Serving as a leader in Parkinson’s disease research and therapy
  • Becoming a resource for patients and families who are seeking better, more effective options for improving independence and quality of life
  • Driving new knowledge to inform a continuous refinement of Parkinson’s disease treatments and interventions
  • Creating opportunities for patients across the continuum of care to participate in leading-edge clinically relevant studies
  • Advancing scientific and clinical knowledge that will help patients locally, regionally and internationally

Therapist giving a demonstration of robotic device to a visitor.

Promoting Evidence-Based Care

To improve the quality of care for patients with Parkinson's disease, the Center tracks treatments and outcomes longitudinally across patients seen at MossRehab and Einstein Healthcare Network. This effort seeks to detect and anticipate future needs across a range of cognitive and movement domains so that they may be addressed sooner. We aim to improve the ability of our clinicians and therapists to provide evidence-based care for our patients by promoting greater individualized treatment approaches that are based on each patient's specific needs.

Increasing Patient Research Opportunities

To increase opportunities for patients to engage in ongoing research activities at MossRehab, and to promote greater research activity in the area of Parkinson’s disease, the Center is developing a Parkinson’s disease Research Registry in conjunction with the existing MRRI Research Registry. The Registry allows researchers to identify individuals who are interested in volunteering for ongoing or future research programs. Participants in the Center’s Research Registry effort may include patients at MossRehab with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease or a related diagnosis, as well as family, friends, and other interested members of the community.

All information in the Registry is kept confidential following federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) guidelines. Research projects accessing the Research Registry are conducted with Institutional Review Board oversight to maintain the highest standard of research ethics.


Center Director-Scientific
Aaron Wong, PhD
Institute Scientist
Director of the Cognitive-Motor Learning Laboratory
Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute

Center Director-Clinical
Tariq Rajnarine, MD
Attending Physician

Center Members
Michele Aguado, PT
Stephanie Tornquist, PT, DPT, NCS
Davis Berzins, OT
Pippa Siguenza, MS, CCC, SLP
Claire Sitarz, MSW, CBIS
Sky Yallof

Research Registry Recruiters

Mitchell DeCasere

F: 215-663-6297

You can reach the Center at parkinsonscenter@einstein.edu

About the Klein Family

The Klein Family Parkinson’s Rehabilitation Center at MossRehab was made possible by generous gifts from the Klein family. For more than a half century, the Klein family name has been synonymous with advancing research and innovation throughout Einstein Healthcare Network.  Five generations of Kleins have been involved with Einstein, serving as executive leaders, board members, volunteers, ambassadors, philanthropists, and avid supporters.

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