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Meet the Team: Allison Mack, MS, CCC-SLP

Meet the Team

Aug 10 2021

Allison Mack is a Speech-Language Pathologist who treats people who had a stroke and those with communication disorders.

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MossRehab Brings Hollywood to the Research Lab and Clinic

Inside MossRehab

Jun 22 2021

Our researchers and clinicians tap into the use of motion capture technology used in film animation to study body movements.

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How Stroke Can Affect Your Ability to Communicate

Inside MossRehab

Jun 8 2021

Stroke-related disorders, such as aphasia and apraxia, can disrupt the ability to speak and understand conversations.

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Meet the Team: Marja-Liisa Mailend, PhD

Meet the Team

Jun 1 2021

Marja-Liisa Mailend, PhD, recently joined the team of scientists at the Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute.

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When Words Fail Children, MossRehab Steps In

Success Stories

Jul 10 2018

Speech/Language therapists help Jaseer Williams Watkins find his voice.

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Collaborating for Rigorous Rehabilitation Research

Inside MossRehab

Dec 20 2016

MossRehab scientists and clinicians have long sought collaborations with top international researchers.

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Researching the Mysteries of Apraxia

Inside MossRehab

Sep 10 2015

While apraxia is a common stroke-related disorder, its causes are complex, and researchers still have a number of hurdles to overcome before they can develop effective treatment.

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Focus On: Pediatric Services

Living Beyond Disability

Oct 2 2014

MossRehab's team-based approach to pediatric care helped two-year-old Eliezer Yanez-Carpio speak his first words.

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